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The Manual For Composing Process Essays

If you are composing process essays you might be searching for tips. The process essay is similar to any other essay in that you need to include a thorough analysis in a coherent manner.

When you are writing an essay, you can help to keep yourself on track by following these tips:

  • Give yourself permission to create the worst first draft in history. It can be quite liberating to give yourself this freedom and to just get the pages produced so that you can go back and edit them when your creativity is flowing. Just getting someone on paper can really help the creative juices and there will always be time to worry about making the paper perfect later.

  • If you feel anxious about the quality (or lack thereof) of your essay, remember that your first try will never be perfect. No one’s is. Therefore, you can keep working knowing that you can always go back and edit something or improve it later.

  • Make sure you are reasonable and treat yourself well. Many students beat themselves up if they don’t start studying for their essay the day it was assigned, or if they cannot allot five hours of writing time each night. There is only so much you can produce when you have a workday/academic workload constituting between ten and twelve hours of your day. You are not going to be productive with creating writing all day. The brain is not designed that way. Sure, you can be awake for 16 hours and standing around or putting clothes in the washer, but you cannot demand your brain be creative whenever you want it to. And if you try to write for ten hours one day to compensate for not writing the day before, you are going to be burned out in a few days.

  • Schedule some breaks while you write. Leave time to procrastinate. That is why it is so important to schedule an essay and writing time the moment it is assigned, so that you know you still have 10 days to produce 1000 words and therefore can go call your sister for two hours one night instead of writing.

Remember that your brain needs to take breaks and if you don’t schedule a break, or force yourself to take one, your brain will take one anyway and right when you need it to function at high capacity too.


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