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Picking Up 7th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics About Cell Phones

It is common for students in their 7th grade to be required to write an argumentative essay. At times, they may be given a topic while at others they will be required to choose their own. When writing an argumentative essay, it is important for the 7th grader to understand how to change the point of view of a reader in a certain situation, subject or event. In most cases, this kind of assignment follows the traditional structure of five paragraphs. In order to write an impressive essay, you will need to choose a good topic. Therefore, choosing a good topic is an important step of writing an argumentative essay.

An argumentative topic should fascinate the reader. You will need to create a topic that your readers can easily identify with. A great topic that you can choose for your argumentative essay is “Students should be allowed to use cell phones in schools”.

In this type of essay, you will need to start with an introduction. The introduction should be on using mobile phones in the current age. You will also need a thesis for your argumentative essay. Here you can state that it has now become popular for all ages to use mobile phones and there are various advantages of this.

The next step will be to come up with your argument or the reason why the reader should support your point f view. You can show various pros of using mobile phones such as their convenience as mobile tools. You can also highlight the important features that mobile phones have that can be useful to students. Another advantage that you can raise is that mobile phones are not limited by time

After this, you will need to consider the argument against the use of mobile phones. Here, you will highlight the negative consequences of using mobile phones. These may include the effects on children, their effect on driving as well as the social effects. However, you should have a refutation where you show that mobile phones are a daily life necessity that is needed by humans to communicate.

Finally, you will need a conclusion for your essay. You should use the conclusion to repeat the point made in the introduction. In this case, you can again highlight that in the present era, the mobile phone has become an important communication tool. You should also conclude that by using mobile homes, students can enjoy many benefits. When you use these guidelines, it will be possible to create a great argumentative essay.


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