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An argumentative essay usually requires a hot topic where you can argue for or against the issue. You don’t have to necessarily be committed yourself but you do need to be in possession of the facts on the issue and be able to present differing point of view accurately with relevant citations and references. It is often useful to have a good historical perspective on the issue to see how the argument has developed between the different parties.

Some argumentative topics include:

  • Gun control. Recent school and college massacres have thrown America’s gun laws into question. It is important to avoid emotive arguments when legal arguments are put forward and you may need to cite legal cases and federal and state laws on the issue such as the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
  • Abortion. This is certainly an emotional and religious issue but your argument should be based on legal cases. The traditional biblical approach has to be contrasted with the rights of women and whether there should be a time limit on abortions in the later stages of pregnancy. One also has to consider the child’s right to life.
  • The rights to termination of life for a chronically sick person with little or no hope of recovery. This is also a deeply controversial topic with traditional views on the sacredness of life balanced against the person’s right to curtail further suffering. You can cover both points of view and us legal cases to cite earlier decisions.
  • Gay marriage is a highly contentious issue at the moment with some states trying to reverse previous decisions to allow gay marriage. There is the traditional biblical view that homosexuality is a sin and the liberal view backed by federal law that gay marriage should be permitted as the person’s right to choose.

To be successful you need to research your topic and take a strong position on it supported by factual evidence backed by citations notably previous court decisions. You should avoid emotive arguments, which do not weigh opposing views carefully and logically. You should be able to consider all angles of the topic and arrive at a logical conclusion having presented the facts. Much of what you discuss my cover the individual’s right to chose under the Constitution as against the common good of society.


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