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Who Can Explain To Me What An Essay Format Is?

Well frankly any number of people can explain the format of an essay to you and I will do so in this very blog. Asking your teacher or professor may seem like a trivial question because by the time you get to college if you don't know the format of an essay by now, well the question could be asked, what have you been doing for the last few years? Learning how to write well is not the same as the format. This is the structure or the layout of the essay. Get a handle on the format and then you can improve what fits inside this format as you go along.

It’s possible to re-write your content time and time again. What won’t change are the architect’s drawings which are the way you set out your essay. The plan or format will always, or almost always, be the same.

In a nutshell the format of an essay can be divided into five parts which are as follows.

  • The introduction.
  • The first fact paragraph.
  • The second fact paragraph.
  • The third fact paragraph.
  • And the conclusion.

When you write your introduction you need to explain a few things. You need to say what you are writing about, how you were going to write about it and finally you need to include your thesis statement. This is the most important sentence in your whole essay. The thesis statement tells the reader what you are trying to argue for in the essay.

The next three sections are the three fact paragraphs. Each one of them will start with a main point. The main point in the first fact paragraph will be more important than the next main point and the final main point. Each one of the main points can have minor points which embellish or support the three respective main points. The body of your essay is where you include most of the detail.

Then finally you come to the conclusion. This is a summary of all that has gone before. It will not, repeat not include any new material.

So in a nutshell that is the format of the basic essay. And this same principle applies to an essay of 500 words as it does to one with 5000 words. A shorter essay may have only a first and second fact paragraph but the principle is the same.


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