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Crime and Policing

Community requires a system that controls people who are ignorant to the rights of fellow community members. The system is known as policymaking body that has the mandate to ensure that no rights of the citizens are violated. Violating of the formulated laws by the policy makers is a crime. There are several techniques that policy enforcers and community members put in place to control crime in the community. These techniques are known as policing.

Many people argue that rise in crime rates in the society is brought about by poor policing. An excellent example is police who are involved in bribery with lawbreakers. A corrupt policing system leads to raised cases of crime in the community. People in such communities can do anything they wish without minding what the law requires of them. This leads to violent society that filled with high crime rates. Governments, therefore, should ensure that policing body of any state is corruption free.

Policing is very important in ensuring a benevolent social environment for the community. This is achievable through effective communication with the policy makers and the policy enforcers. The policy enforcers, who in most cases are the police forces, should ensure a good network with the community members. This allows the policy enforcers to know the possible cases of individuals willing to commit crimes.

Policing system should be fair to citizens despite their color, religion or social status. There are several occasions where the policing departments have failed to emplace discrimination free form of fighting crime. An excellent example is on Muslims communities in American. There have been several cases where Muslims have been victims of crime they have not committed because of their religion. This has been a challenge to the government; especially in complex cases, it might be hard to differentiate between an innocent and a guilty Black American.

In conclusion, crime and policing are tied together and both are dependable. Effective policing leads to control of crime in the society. Poor policing such as involvement of corruption leads to a violent community with pronounced cases of crimes. Discrimination should be eradicated from the community and everyone should be given a fair hearing. Governments have a role to play in ensuring the crimes are well dealt with, through putting in place an excellent policing policy making system. This will lead to a crime free environment. v


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