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Where To Look For A Personal Narrative Essay Example For High School?

The intricate details of a narrative essay are sometimes confusing. This leads to time wastage as you attempt to make sense of the instructions. With an example, it is easy to draft the paper with confidence and faster. However, not all samples available are reliable. The quality of some samples is suspect. In other instances, you are required to pay for the example with no assurance that it will meet your expectations. Where can you get the best narrative paper examples for high school?

From Your Teacher

Though teachers issue the assignment, they are at liberty to provide samples. Furthermore, it is the teachers who best understand the requirements they have provided. Teachers have also interacted with numerous papers and have in their possession a variety of examples. They will freely provide the examples if and when you make the request. You will never go wrong when using an example from your teacher. In case there are fuzzy areas in the example or instructions, the teacher will willingly clarify.


Libraries are established to support the academic endeavor of both the pupils and faculty. Because they cater for a large number with diverse needs, libraries are a convenient source of high quality narrative essay samples. Before stocking any materials, the libraries vet them thoroughly. This provides a guarantee that you will get high quality materials. You will also get samples in all formatting styles as well as disciplines. Availability of variety ensures that your expectations are met.


The internet allows access to examples at any time and from any location. The examples are available from libraries, writing agencies, institution websites and academician portals, among other sources. When sourcing the examples from the internet, only use samples from a credible source. Consider a site recommended by a friend. It saves you the hustle of vetting numerous sites.

From Seniors

Seniors are likely to have completed an assignment similar to yours. The assignment was also issued by the same department. The possibility of resemblance is high. As such, you can use their past papers as an example. Since the teachers are drawn from the same department, you will be guided by their comments on the aspects to emphasize and those to drop.

A Previous Assignment

Narrative essay writing rules do not change significantly over time. You are likely to have written a narrative paper at a lower grade. Use the same paper as a sample. Consider and implement the corrections that were issued by your teacher then. Remember to factor the rules of the new assignment.


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