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How to write a good academic essay in an hour

Learning to write an essay in an hour is not as difficult as it may sound, but it does take some practice. The idea is to have the formula for writing an essay ingrained in your memory so you do not have to think too much about what the essay should look like. This way, you only have to worry about the content and where to put it. One thing to consider before thinking that you cannot write an essay in an hour is that many professional writers can craft a rough draft (with very few errors) in less than 15 minutes. This makes an hour seem realistic, doesn’t it? Here are a few important steps to speed up your essay writing ability:

  1. Have a few “go to” hooks. There is no reason to try writing every single style of hook. If you have to constantly look for quotes or find definitions, you will waste time. Many speedy writers know how to write rhetorical questions, interesting statements, or anecdotes because these do not require any research.

  2. Know the introduction paragraph format. After you write your hook, you need to craft the bridge of the introduction and the thesis statement. The bridge will connect the hook to the thesis and should provide subtle background information, too.

  3. Write a body paragraph. The body paragraph has an easy formula to follow, too. The first sentence is always the topic sentence, and it should refer to the thesis. The next sentences should be a combination of support and explanations for the support. The final sentence of the paragraph should tie it all together. You should try to write at least seven sentences in the body paragraphs.

  4. Write a few more body paragraphs. The number of body paragraphs you need will be based on your instructor’s assignment. Repeat the body paragraph formula each time.

  5. Write the conclusion. This is the last paragraph is the conclusion and it requires three pieces. The first is the rewritten thesis statement, the second is a collection of the best information from in your essay. The final piece is a connection back to the original hook.

Once you get this simple formula in your memory, you will no longer have to worry about the format of any essay. Just fill in the argument and information you need and you are ready to go.


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