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4 Unique Topics For Problem Solution Essays

What is a problem and solution essay?

A problem and solution essay is a very common type of essay that is used in all schools. It is a form of composition in which one writes as well as analyzes a certain topic by stating what the problem is or may be and then suggests at least one or more ways that the said problem can be solved. This particular type of essay is commonly assigned in high school as well as college. And like every other type of essay that there is an introduction and a conclusion is in the body of a problem and solution essay. All information stated in a problem and solution essay needs to be backed up by accurate information from credible and reliable sources.

4 outstandingly unique topics for problem and solution essays:

Below is a list of just four different topics that can be used to create a fantastic problem and solution essay. Each one has their own problem and is a popular topic that tends to have a lot of controversy surrounding it. The more controversy there is then the more people know about the topic and will be interested in seeing what you have to say on the issue. A problem and solution essay is also known as s simple form of debate. Here are the four different topics:

  • A problem and solution topic in the category of health - Problem: is the desperate need to look perfect like models really causing bulimia; Solution: reveal the un edited photos of the models to the world and see what happens

  • A problem and solution topic in the category of environment – Problem: is the air we breathe causing a lot of our allergies and sicknesses; Solution: remove all of the dangerous and hazardous chemicals that get poured into our air supply every day and see how much cleaner no only the world gets but everyone gets as well

  • A problem and solution topic in the category of education – Problem: are teachers really keeping track of what the students are learning and not learning; Solution: bring back the in class discussion so the teacher can use it to measure what each student has been able to achieve thus far and see where they need help

  • A problem and solution topic in the category of happiness – Problem: does thinking positively bring nothing but positivity into your life; Solution: research how when people are more optimistic they tend to have higher success levels in every aspect of life

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