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General Essay Topics In English: Top 22 Expert Suggestions

The topic of your essay in English should be something that can hook your audience by providing them an engaging insight to what you will cover in the rest of the assignment. It is often tough for students to choose an interesting topic for their paper because none of the ideas seem to be unique or new. To be able to create an essay that stands out, it is essential that you choose a unique title for the paper. To help you decide better and trigger fresh ideas, here are some interesting topics to consider

Topics that you can use for an essay in English

  1. Child labor and its increasing cases in the developing economies like India, Pakistan
  2. Why are refugees a harm for your economy or living place
  3. Would the world be a better place if we all learned to accept rather than criticize
  4. What would I do if I had the chance to go 10 years back and be anyone I want
  5. What are the basic differences between reading for passion and reading for syllabus requirements
  6. How does reading help you apart from academic performance
  7. What does it mean to have a bull by its horns
  8. Is creativity a hindrance to academic success for unusual students
  9. How is the writing of Shakespeare legendary and what makes it special
  10. What are the common elements you find in the work of Martin Luther King
  11. How does paraphrasing make it easier to comprehend a poem or does it not
  12. The impact of technological advancements on our learning and interests
  13. Is the reading and storytelling culture dying in print and would only exist virtually in a few more years
  14. Domestic violence and how does it relate to family history, culture, nurture and nature
  15. Is criminal behavior due to injustice and unfair circumstances or is it innate
  16. Corruption is a crime but why is not punished like all the others
  17. Are laws only ruled by the rich and grind the poor
  18. IPhone after Steve Jobs, will it continue to be a market leader for long
  19. Is it tough to be on top or to maintain it
  20. How do renewable sources of energy work and what are those
  21. Life spent without an aim is worthless
  22. What message do we get from reading Othello

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