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English Essay Topics: How To Choose A Perfect One

For those who are struggling to find an appropriate topic for their next paper it is important to toss around a variety of ideas and potential topics. This can inspire you and even job your creativity. Consider the list below of health and biological sciences and see if anything is suitable for your next paper:

  • Research the ways that artificial sugar is destructive to the body
  • Research how the use of mobile devices has improved hospital care as administered by nurses
  • Write about whether warning labels should be placed on genetically altered food
  • Discuss whether grandmothers can aid human life spans
  • Write about whether advertising directed at children has played any contributory role in childhood obesity
  • Discuss whether energy drinks need to be banned from high school level sporting events
  • Research whether prescription pills are a popular street drug among teenagers today and what preventative steps can be taken
  • Research whether pandemics and the seasonal spread of the flu is considered a serious threat or whether it should be written off as media hype

Once you have your topic in mind you should take measure to avoid these writing pitfalls:

When you are writing an essay there are a few writing errors you should avoid.

  1. Avoid procrastination
  2. Procrastination is the Achilles heel of so many students. It leads to their downfall in terms of grades and progress and should be avoided at all times. This is particularly true of longer assignments and essays you may have. Many students think they can put it off just one more day or just one more week but this is not good. It results in you staring at a blank page on your computer the night before the project is due. Give yourself the proper time you need to conduct adequate research and to enjoy some space prior to editing your draft.

  3. Avoid glossing over the instructions.
  4. Far too many students fail to read the instructions properly. Instead they forget about the instructions and give them no more than a cursory glance in order to pick up some keywords and move on. It is important that you avoid this. When you are writing an essay you need to read over the instructions carefully. Review each line. Don’t let your grade suffer because you failed to pay heed to your instructions. You need to note specific word counts and formatting styles before you submit your final piece.


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