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How to successfully select fun argumentative essay topics

An argumentative essay can be an incredibly fun piece of writing. For many students it is the chance to showcase the skills they have learned on a topic of their choosing. Students who are given the opportunity to select an argumentative essay topic on their own are given a chance to pick something about which they care. They can pick a topic that is meaningful and will be fun to write about.

So how can you as a student successfully select fun argumentative essay topics?

It all starts with your requirements. If you have to write a paper that relates to history make sure your topic can be related to history. Do not spend all your time writing about why certain new technologies are having a negative impact unless you can relate it to your course as required.

Next you have to determine your idea of “fun”. Is “fun” something that relates to Africa because you once worked there and now love it? Is “fun” something that relates to football because you play it often and have a deep passion for the rules? Is “fun” something that you know you can argue well? Or is it a controversial position where the affirmative is unpopular among your classmates and you love playing devil’s advocate?

Figure out what “fun” is to you and your topic will fall into your lap.

Consider these potential topics below when writing your paper:

  • Is it acceptable to blame the fast food industry for obesity? At what point is it acceptable to blame individual responsibility or a failure therein?
  • Should convicted felons still be allowed to vote?
  • What lengths does Feminism still have to take in the workplace and in society in order to truly reach its goals?
  • Discuss the causes you think philanthropic groups should finance
  • Make an argument as to whether working from home or in an office is better and for whom
  • Discuss whether a newspaper was irresponsible for publishing gun owners’ addresses and whether they should be legally liable for any harm that comes to the owners.
  • Address how much a neighborhood defines the residents
  • Should employees be allowed to work out on company time?

If these don’t inspire you then spend some time reflecting on your hobbies and passions and the things you have covered in your course this year.


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