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5 Key Things To Remember When Choosing Essay Topics

In every field of operation, there is a key to success. When you latch on to the key with utmost discipline and single-mindedness, you invariably come out good. This holds even for a general activity like writing essays.

Brilliance of structure

You keep the vision of certain monuments in mind because of its structure. The equilibrium, balance and poise strike you, much before its flourishes muzzle you. A thing appears impressive when it is wrought out of a mold and holds a structure. Likewise, an essay becomes presentable and appealing when it is carved in an organized manner.

Choice of topics

Much also depends on your choice of topics. You cannot cook out a dream without flighty ingredients. Here are a few key things you should keep in mind while choosing essay topics –

  1. Flexibility of the topic – The topic should ideally be flexible so that you may turn it any way you wish. It should make an allowance for the torque and turn. There should be enough scope available to handle the topic through different perspective.

  2. Relevance to present times – The topic should breathe new air; not stagnant reek. It should be a fresh-water trout spreading vivacity and energy first in you as a writer and then among readers. Relevance accounts for natural attraction.

  3. Grounding on the topic – You should pick a topic you are conversant at; almost as fluent as you are in your mother tongue. Making a compromise with topics and choosing relatively known topics out of a consortium of strange ones will not help your cause. When you have proper grounding on a topic, you feel competent to make assertions.

  4. Scope for contention – You should clarify two things through the topic – Is there scope to take the topic forward in a lucid and systematic way? Are there avenues which call for conviction of contention? Putting it mildly, the essay topic should have germs for argument, even if it is expository in nature.

  5. Scope for analysis – On grounds of principle, those essay topics which allow space for practical findings, surveys and inference are better propositions. Sedentary topics, which may be interesting, still hold embers of lethargy, which influences your writing energy as well. The essay should have enough meat for the Body, which automatically scoops out a fervent conclusion.

Choose essay topics keeping these points in mind and you will invariably dig gold, at least on paper. There is a magic in words when they are woven with a charm.


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