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The  best  college  argumentative  essay  to  persuade  readers

There  are  many  types  of  argumentative  essays  that  a  college  student  can  argue.  There  are  many things  that  you  can  argue.  Things  like:

  • Abortion
  • The  government
  • What  is  going  on  the  the  college 

All  of  these  are examples  of  the  kind of different argumentative  essays  that  a  college  student  can  write along with many more not mentioned here.  Normally,  if  you  are  going  to  argue  a  case  then  you  have  to  be  passionate  about  it because you have to be able to persuade people to believe what you are saying to them. You have to get them to see your point of view.

To really write a good augmentative essay you  have  to  make a decision on the topic of  whatever  you  decide  to  argue about.  Then  you  have  to  make  sure  that  you  make  your  case  to  everyone  that  you  are  arguing  the  topic  to, IE your audience. This may be a professor or your peers. The point is to persuade them to believe that your argument is the right one. You want them to be thinking that you are right by the end of your essay. Make your points clear and argue your case.  


There  are  several  types  of  argumentative  essays  you  can  write.  There  is  cause  and  effect,  compare  and  contrast,  definition,  division  and  classification. All of these are good types to choose from. You can make your decision on the type then pick your actual topic.

  • Cause  and  effect
  • Choose  a  major  event  such as  the  great  depression and find  out  the  cause  of  the  great  depression  and  then  state  the  effects  that  it  had  on  everyone  and  everything. You can argue that it had a profound effect on something specific to persuade your readers to agree with your point of view, state facts that back up your points to make it a good essay.

  • Comparison  and  contrast
  • You  pick  two  of  the  same  thing.  For  example,  two  of  the  same  sports  like  basketball  and  baseball or  dogs  and  cats. Then you make your argument. Is one better than the other? Do they have a lot in common? State these facts and    make your point clearly and effectively.

  • Definition
  • This can have  a  complex  meaning for  example,  different  types  of  families. You can define a family as a group of people who share the same blood or as a group of people that share a life together like close friends.

  • Division  and  classification
  • Division  essays  are  topics  that  people  underestimate  or  oversimplify.  Classification  essays  are  about  things  we  put  in  everyday  categories  like  the  joker,  you  would  place  him  in  the  villain  category. The question is, is that all that he is? Is this the right way to classify that specific thing?

In the end if you make good points and really argue your perspective the essay will be a good one. The hope is that you will persuade people to see things your way. If you have done so than you have succeeded.


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