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The Middle East Vs. The Israel World

As far as we can remember, we have all heard about the Arab-Israel conflicts. Though involving two nations, it is indeed a global concern that has affected many innocent people. A lot of blood has been shed during these rivalries and the solution does not seem to come any time soon. The issues have been around for many years and the military conflicts and political tension has really become a very important subject in world history. Contemporary war between the Middle East and the Israeli world began with the start of Zionism and Arab nationalism towards the last part of the 19th century. It was all about a territory that was believed by the Jews to be their historical land while at the same time was claimed by the Pan-Arab movement as their ancestral land now claimed by the Palestinians and Pan-Islamic circles as land belonging to the Muslims. Therefore, the Middle East and Israeli Worlds have continued in constant conflict leading to great controversies that have invited debate in many nations of the world.

Today, we cannot fail to get to hear some differences about these two warring regions. A lot has emerged from these opposing sides and a slight itch would see huge negative developments on issues that have essentially not started in the recent past. The early 20th century was the start of the sectarian conflict between the Arabs and the Palestinian Jews that finally resulted to a full-grown civil war of 1947 leading to the maiden Arab-Israeli war of 1948 when a declaration to establish the state of Israel was made. The Middle-East world has been branded negatively through undesirable stereotypes of terror and war. The media sources today have heightened these terror brands and the world today believes that almost every Arab is a terrorist.

The Middle East and the Israeli worlds have over the years been an interesting area of study. Not many people understand the reasons behind these conflicts but definitely, there have been explanations to that. Well, while there have been varying reasons for these developments, a lot of controversies have been linked with spiritual backgrounds. It shifted from being a war of the Middle East and the Israeli worlds to a war of the Israelis and the Arabs. It is one of the biggest conflicts on earth today and it is simply not going to die any time soon. Despite the signing of peace agreements in the past, especially the Israel-Egypt peace treaty of 1979 and Jordan-Israel in 1994, these problems have still persisted.


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