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Does A College Degree Make You Special?

The cost of tuition is on the rise in America. At the same time, the landscape of the job market is changing very rapidly. When these two are joined together, the result is a paradox. A student major is very important because it will likely determine his future. People with weak majors’ end up being jobless while those with strong majors get the best jobs in the market even before they graduate. Another major issue that is happening in America is that of college classification. Today, unless you attend a major school such as Yale, chances are that you will not get the job that you need. A good example is when you decide to take a course such as law. Unless you attend a school such as Harvard, you will likely not get that high corporate job you are aiming at. In a recent research by Millennial Branding, 69% of managers concede that the nature of branding is very essential.

Pay Scale is a company that recently published a major report that indicated the rates that companies pay. In the report, they compared a massive database of 120 college majors. Using this data, they looked at the current pay and made projections into the future. They collaborated with the United States Bureau of Statistics to check out the best paying jobs in America. According to the report, the best paying jobs in the country were those that related with mathematics and engineering. In this, the crown went to biomedical engineering which employees are paid really well. On a median, they earn a salary starting at #54,000 per year. At the middle of their career, their salary rises up to $98,000. In this field, due to massive research and development, it is estimated that the rates will rise by more than 65%.

In their list, courses with an engineering component are the most valuable majors.

For instance, software engineering came 4th where people earn a median of $87,000 after 10 years in the job. Another engineering field that is very profitable is in the environmental engineering. Environmental engineers make a median of $89,000 while civil engineers earn more than $90,000. Other lucrative fields in the engineering field are in the petroleum fields. These engineers earn a median salary of $155,000. The fact about these fields is that not every Tom, Dick and Harry can do them. Only the brightest people are enrolled in them and only the best of the best manage to graduate. They also require expertise and precision.

During the millennial branding survey, the experts and recruiters who were interviewed said that engineering and IT the main fields which they were mainly interested in. This is because many firms want to maintain a competitive edge in the technology sector. Therefore, if they are able to get the best engineers, they will have a chance to beat the competition and grow rapidly. Some of the best subjects that young people need to focus on are: Mathematics, Compute Science, Physics and Statistics. Of course, as you can see, these are not subjects for the faint hearted. They require a lot of resilience and hard work. It is for this reason that America is lacking such kind of professionals. Data driven courses are also doing very well because virtually all employers require such skills.


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