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How to Practice Essay Writing: Learn from Professionals

Yes, it may take up more of your time, but learning to hone your essay writing skills is well worth the effort. Essays are and will be a major part of your academic life. Whether you’re in high school, college, or university; essay writing is a skill you need to perfect if you want to see a surge in your marks.

Use every paper as an opportunity

A great way to practice your essay writing is to write an essay as a preliminary study method for all your other papers. If you’ve got a research paper or term paper, why not write a 500 word essay about your topic first? Take the most important points in your assignment and see if you can sum them all up into 500 words. This will not only prepare you for your primary assignment, but also help you to exercise your essay skills.

Learn to write rough drafts

Before starting your essay, always write a rough draft of it first. This enables you to do several very helpful things:

  • You will immediately pick up topic and research mistakes and avoid these with your final product.
  • Your spelling and grammar mistakes will be easier to identify because you are essentially writing your essay twice.
  • You will soon get a better idea of whether or not the direction you are taking is the right one. You can always tweak your concept on the final product if you notice your draft didn’t turn out so well.

Sometimes it makes the world of difference writing two or three rough drafts before your final essay. This will give you the edge in your assignment and also provide you with loads of practice for future essays. Soon, you may not even have to write drafts at all!

Start blogging

A blog is basically an essay you write about something you love. Get a blog started and add to it on a weekly basis. Because you’re writing on a subject you enjoy, you will soon gain a love for writing you never even knew you had. This will soon show in your academic writing too.

Rewrite your old essays

Once you think you’ve gotten a bit more experience behind you, grab a hold of some of your older essays that you struggled with. Tackle them again for your own benefit and compare them to your previous results. If you have an open-minded teacher, consider showing him or her the new product and ask for their opinion.


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