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How To Write A One-Page Personal Essay: Organizing Tips

For many students, to write a one-page essay is more difficult than to write a long one. This is because all the information needs to be summarized as much as possible, and there isn’t any space for details. To create a one page personal essay is more easy than usual, because you don’t have to waste time with research and verification. You can write everything from your own experience, and the job can be done in only a few hours. To organize everything efficiently, follow these tips:

  • Don’t make a huge introduction. Since you have limited space, you should limit the introduction to only one paragraph. Usually, in the first lines you explain why you chose this topic, a few details about it and so on. In this case, it’s better to jump right into it. Let the reader know what your essay is about and one general idea. This should be enough.

  • Do not use quotations and references. There is simply not enough space for this. When you use a quotation, you need to mention the author and some details about it. Even more, after that you have to clarify the things that are being said in the quotation. Leave them for another occasion.

  • Stay away from too many details. If you talk about a personal experience, do not extend it too much. You don’t have to mention the weather from that day, who was the president and what were you wearing. Less is more in this case, because you don’t want to fill half of your page with information that no one wants to know.

  • ‘Use a smaller font. This can offer you some extra space that you can really use. Of course you have to be sure that your essay is understandable for anyone, so do not use a font that is smaller than 9. Also, adjust the edges of your paper and make them smaller. These are small editing tricks that prove to be very useful in this situation.

  • Leave your opinion unwritten. If you present your essay in front of your class, you can mention your opinion at the end without actually writing it on the paper. In this way you can deliver to your professor a composition that follows all the requirements, and you can state your opinion loud and clear.

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