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How To Come Up With Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

The compare and contrast essay is one where you either compare or contrast two things. Your goal is analyze what makes them the same or what makes them different and then write a paper that presents the most important similarities or differences in such a way that the reader has a better understanding of the two things when they finish reading.

Organizing the essay

You can choose to present similarities or you can present differences. You need to ensure that everything you present is done so in such a way as to support your thesis.

That being said you can present your paper with all the things you want to say about the first thing followed by all the things you want to say about the second thing comparing and/or contrasting the second thing to everything you said about the first thing.

For example: you can list the childhood of inventor A followed by his education and then his contributions. In the next paragraph you would compare the childhood of inventor B and his education as well as contributions. For this style of writing your comparing or contrasting all takes place in the second half of the paper.

Sometimes teachers will assign your topic to you but other times you have to come up with it on your own. When you are writing your compare and contrast essay you can choose to compare or you can choose to contrast or both for any of the following topics:

  • Two companies
  • Two drinks
  • Two styles of art
  • Two courses in school
  • Being a child v. being an adult
  • Two careers
  • Two television shows
  • Two movies
  • Two actors
  • Two friends
  • Two family members
  • Two characters from literature
  • Two authors
  • Two artists
  • Two musicians
  • Two styles of music
  • Two writing styles
  • Two directors
  • Two Broadway shows
  • Two government styles
  • Two foods
  • Two pets
  • Two religions
  • Two leaders
  • Two leadership styles
  • Two political parties
  • Two colors
  • Two colonies
  • Stocks versus bonds
  • Two methods of payment
  • Two types of power
  • Two types of investments
  • Two sports teams
  • Two cooking methods
  • Two utensils
  • Two clothing styles
  • Two animals
  • Two fish
  • Two oceans
  • Two cultures
  • Two theatrical genres
  • Living versus owning a home
  • Two composers
  • Two methods of education
  • The north pole versus the south pole
  • Two types of mythology
  • Two books
  • Two styles of paintings
  • Two inventors
  • Two inventions
  • Two famous paintings
  • Two gifts
  • Two kinds of love
  • Two kinds of attention

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