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Where To Get Help With An IB History Extended Essay Online

An IB history extended essay can be a real struggle for some students. Because it’s usually very individualized and you are expected to do most of the work on your own, it can be quite daunting. But, it can also be extremely rewarding: you have the chance to explore ideas that may not have been covered in class, and is a great way to really hone your independent researching and writing skills. Still, if you find yourself struggling, you might want to reach out for some help. Here are some ways to find the resources you need online to complete your IB history extended essay successfully.

  • Look for guides, sample essays, and information from colleges and universities. Doing a simple search for “IB history extended essay” will pull up tons of resources that can really help you out, including guidelines for writing and researching, sample papers, suggested topics, and others. The best places to find help like this are university or college websites; these are easily recognizable because their website address will end in .edu. Websites ending in .org are also great resources; these are professional organizations that are held to high standards for their information. You can also find lots of help on .com websites, but they tend to be less rigorously overseen.
  • Look for professional advice. Search for message boards that are designed for professional writers or other students seeking professional help and see if anyone is talking about IB history extended essays. If you can’t find anything, start your own topic and see if anyone chimes in with advice on whatever you’re struggling with. It doesn’t take much time and it’s totally free, so you have nothing to lose and you might wind up with some great advice from a real writer!
  • Consider paying for professional help. Lots of companies offer paper-writing guidance from professional scholars that can help you get started, figure out a tricky problem, or show you what’s expected. A benefit of this is that you can get live, 24/7 support from a real person, so if you feel like you need more assistance than is already being offered on free websites, you can have all your questions and problems addressed immediately. This is also great if you waited until the last minute and now can’t turn to your teacher for assistance; most of these websites offer support all day and night, so even at 3am on a Sunday you can get the help you need!

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