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Using great essay examples to your advantage

Writing an essay is not as tough as it seems. Some students are comfortable in writing great essays because they have a strong written communication and have a natural ability to write. However, not every student is blessed with this skill. If you were a student who wants to get better at writing essays, it would be best for you to read a lot of them. You will benefit from reading essays in many ways. Here is how

  • Improve your knowledge
  • If you take time out to read essays written by others it will improve your knowledge about certain areas. You might come across some information you have never heard before. You will benefit from other people’s experiences. Some of them might have written an essay after much research and might have included essence from their life changing experiences. This way you will know more and will be able to write better

  • Enhance your reading
  • Reading essays written by different writers will enhance your reading skills. You will improve the reading speed and the ability to filter out information. You will get better at scanning long documents and skimming through them

  • Find expert written essays on the web
  • You can also find help on the web. There are essays available of every kind and subject. You can read the ones that are written well and get help. You can also get a hard copy of these essays. This way you can easily edit and use them for your own interest.

  • Analyze them carefully
  • Take the hard copy of your essay and sit down at a calm place where you can concentrate better. It is better that you have two different colors in your hand. For example you can use green color to highlight the positive points or strengths of the essay and red to identify weaknesses in that essay. This way you will be able to analyze the essays and learn from them

  • Learn from other’s experiences
  • You should always be open to learning. Learning is a process that goes a long way and you actually never stop learning. Don’t think of these essays as being imposed on you. Read them with a clear mind and unbiased thoughts. Let their mistakes teach you. People who are full of themselves never are able to learn. Always stay open to criticism and learning. This will polish your writing skills


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