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Flare Fragrances

  • Positioning statements: The Company’s positioning statement is to expand into new markets with focus on reaching all levels of demographics, while maintaining their prestige and providing affordable alternatives.
  • Ladders and diamonds: This is the company’s position that they have strived to maintain since the initiation of Flare Fragrances in 1955. They have kept prestige in their image as the main visions and driving factor for their marketing. However, an alternative would be to separate prestige from value. Meaning maintaining the upper level clientele would require them to separate their lower level line. Substituting prestige for value would be a way to allow the higher level customers to believe they are paying for something greater than the value customer are getting. Implementing a value line does can still market quality and capitalize on both market opportunities.

Recommended Implementation

The recommendations are to increase the marketing support of the company’s Natural line along with other core products. To further their presence in the drugstore channels. And to project a 5% increase in their top line sales.

  • Price
    • Targeting a new price category that ranges from $30-$45, will allow Flare Fragrance to take sales from their competition.
    • Economic climate pushes customers to more affordable retail outlets, such as drugstores Product
    • Natural’s current performance in Drugstore channel: 0.5% of all perfume sold
    • Natural has been on the market for two years – this brand has been marketed under the Loveliest umbrella
    • The natural product promotes the green initiative
    • The product placement and promotion needs to avoid stealing market shares from their own products
    • Utilize their existing market strategy for expanding their product notoriety
  • Place
    • Flare has not leveraged their potential success at the Drugstore channel – developing the Drugstore channel through negotiating store relationships and product placement.
    • Drugstores are an underdeveloped retailer that evolving, offering high-end beauty feature which range in price from 30-$45
    • Work with the drugstore chains to have their product placed in a more ‘upscale’ product location.
    • Have product physically in the stores and available online.
  • Promotion
    • Utilizing prominent display cases to showcase Flare Fragrances
    • Implementing holiday promotions which entail gift baskets of soap, body mist, and Natural fragrance
    • A free gift with purchase promotion will increase sales and expand the consumer’s usage of Flare Fragrances
    • Targeting promotion to reach a younger market – studies show that 75% of teen girls, 74% of adult women use fragrance products
    • Price discounts for purchases and buy one get one free deals
    • Promote to reach younger customers through their affordable offering deals and packages
    • Creating a partner with eco/green-charity and promotions that coincide with Earth Day.
    • Become a sponsor of green fashion events to support the green initiatives

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