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How to Write an Essay: Improving Your English

Writing an essay is a difficult task for some more than it is for others. It can be a real challenge to go from writing simple book reports to real essays that focus on specific topics. There is no more reading books and writing a simple report or summary. Now you have to focus on a given topic that you are assigned and use what you learned in class and your textbooks, sometimes the internet, to make a true essay out of the subject. It requires a lot more work and effort on your part. Having poor English skills makes it that much harder. With good English skills it can be a lot easier to do. So how do you improve your English?

Improving your English skills

  • Go back over the basics online
  • Be mindful of what you are writing and how
  • Edit thoroughly
  • Go back over the basics online
  • If you have trouble with English or aren’t at the skill level that you should be than you need to go back over the basics. To prepare for your essay go online and read all of the basics of English over again. This should help to refresh your memory and improve your skills. Studying English is a huge part of being able to write a proper essay for those who do not already have the proper foundation.

  • Be mindful of what you are writing and how
  • Make sure at every step in your essay that you think to yourself, is this proper English? Am I writing this correctly? Is that the right way to phrase this? Asking questions such as these may help you to remember the right way to properly form sentences and what words to use where.

  • Edit thoroughly
  • After you finish your paper go over it. Make sure that everything is correct. Fix any mistakes and rewrite anything that could be better. It may take you several drafts to get it right but every time you correct mistakes go back over the essay and edit it again until it is perfect.

English skills are an enormous part of essay writing. Even when you are in science or history class, you need English. English is the one field of study that goes into every other. Having a good foundation of proper English skills is one of the best things that you could possibly do for yourself. It will serve you well in everyday life.


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