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Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

College students have a harder time finding topics for argumentative essays because most are overused and you can’t really use ones that you used in high school.  This is the reason it is more difficult but not impossible to find interesting topics.  When you are picking an argumentative topic, you have to remember that you have to pick a topic that has at least two sides of the argument that you can argue.

It should also be on a topic that you have a little bit of knowledge on and should be something that you have at least an opinion on the topic.  Even if you don’t have an opinion on the topic but know a little bit, doing your research will help you find out which side you are on.  These kinds of essays rely on good research to support your point of view and if you don’t have good facts and information to back up your topic, you essay won’t be effective.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should students be required to have profiles on every social media site?  Most college students learn that the best way to get ahead in their careers it to network with others in their industries.  Does having profiles on social media sites help that or are their certain sites that a student should use?

  • Should we stop using cash and use credit/debit cards instead?  Using a credit/debt card is a safer way to have you money because if it is lost or stolen most of the time you don’t lose money but losing cash is a different story.  Will cards prevent this money lost?

  • Should couples live together before they get married?  Most couples already do this but does it help or harm them after they are married.

  • Should energy drinks be taken off the market?  As a college student you rely on drinks with caffeine to get work done but are energy drinks too harmful to people.

  • Should companies send a card or message to their clients on their birthdays?  You could argue that this shows that the company appreciates their business if they do this or you could argue that it steps over the boundaries of their relationship.

  • Should text message and Internet slang be in the dictionary?  Slang like OMG and LOL are used a lot when we talk to people but should we put these slangs in the dictionary?

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