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Writing Guides For Starters: Learning By Example Of An Essay

If you are writing an essay one of the best ways to learn is by reviewing several examples of essays as provided by your teacher or in your text book. This will help you get a feel for the style and layout and also find a good topic. There are many topics that you can always use when writing an argumentative paper. The number of these topics is actually uncountable because there is a topic on anything you think about. Below are some topics you can always think about.

  1. Course Selection- Here, you can write on whether college students have the right to select all or part of their courses
  2. Social Security- Since there are many problems on the Social Security Fund, you can write on whether the solution is to remove the entire program entirely
  3. Write on whether a mission statement is necessary in universities or whether it is good for them
  4. When high school students pass their exams, should they be given monetary rewards?
  5. Is it necessary to make it mandatory for college students to be taught foreign languages?
  6. Colleges have many athletes. Should these athletes be subjected into punishments when they miss classes or what should be done?
  7. Education. In the education sector, you can write on whether students who complete their studies within 3 years should be subjected to monetary rewards
  8. Because of health concerns, should taxes be raised on junk food so that people can take healthier meals?
  9. Are P.E classes still a necessity for students in secondary schools?
  10. To conserve fuel and the environment, is it reasonable to alter the national speed limit to 55MPH?

Getting a topic is the most tasking part of an essay. In fact, if you fail to get an appropriate topic, you will have a lot of problems when writing the paper. Once you get a fine topic, you should now take your time to write the paper. Remember that everyone who has written essays in the past go through a tough problem and so you are not alone. As a result of the difficulty in writing the essays, many students usually give up and pay freelancers to do them the work. You should encourage yourself by saying that you are not alone and many people have already made it so you are not the only one. You should also not panic when other students take in their essays very early in time. You don’t know whether what they wrote was the correct thing or not. What you know is that if you are doing the right thing, you will definitely have better chances of making it. Maybe they paid freelancers to do the work for them.


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