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How to Write Essay Paragraphs That Flow Well?

Essay writing can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools. One of the biggest issues is getting the paper to flow correctly. You want your reader to be able to follow your paper from one topic to the next. The easiest way to accomplish this flow is through the effective use of your thesis sentence and transitions.

There is a main format that you can use to effectively make every essay that you have to write flow from paragraph to paragraph. This easy to use method will bring you a lot of success in leading your reader through your paper. Since the main point of writing an essay is to prove your point or display your view on a topic, it is important for your reader to take out of the essay what you wanted to say.

So let’s look at an outline of how your paper should look.

  • Introduction - This should draw your reader into the paper. Use an interesting fact that you found from your research. This will make the reader want to continue reading. It also should be where you tell a little background information. End this paragraph with a solid thesis. This is the reason why you are writing your paper. It is the point that you are trying to prove. Your thesis can list the three main points that you are trying to make about your topic. When you list the three main points that you are trying to make, you let your reader know what you will be talking about in the three body paragraphs to follow. (This is the first step in your flowing process)

  • Body Paragraph # 1 - Make sure that you use a transition to let your reader know that you are moving on to the main points. An easy way to do this is by stating in the beginning of your paragraph that this is the first point you are trying to make. For example, you can use phrases like “one of the main reasons” or “the first reason”. This lets your reader know that you have moved from the introduction and background information to the first main point which should be the first point you listed in your thesis sentence. End this paragraph with an ending transition that links the first point with the second point. For example, if your thesis sentence said that you can get better grades by studying, taking notes, and reading your text books, your transition could be:

  • Studying is a very important way to get good grades, but you have to keep very good notes in order for it to be effective.

    This transition ends the first body paragraph and ties it into your next point.

  • Body Paragraph # 2 - You can repeat the same method for this paragraph concentrating on the second point that you list in your thesis sentence and end with an ending transition that links your second point with your third point.

  • Body Paragraph # 3 - Repeat the same method for this paragraph linking the second point to the third point. The ending transition should be a general one to show that all three points tie together and let the reader know that you are headed for the conclusion. For example, you can state how it is easy to see that by reading your text books, taking good notes, and studying will help you get good grades.

  • Conclusion - This is the wrap up portion of the paper. It should be done in a way that restates your thesis. But don’t leave your audience with a bad taste in their mouth by simply repeating what you said in the introduction. Leave them with something to think about.

These methods will help you write an essay that properly flows every time (and don't forget - you can purchase essays online any time you want!).


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