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How to Write a Basic Essay - Find an Example Online

One of the best ways to obtain skills and techniques in writing even a basic essay is to study examples online. The beauty of this situation is that there is a vast amount of material you can consider, it’s free, and you can tackle this activity at any time and almost in any location.

Of course you need to be careful that finding an example online is in fact a good example. It’s no use looking for the technique and approaches taken by the writer of a bad essay. One way to ensure you are on the right track is to look for the comments and the score given by the examiner or teacher. If the essay rates are high score and there are complimentary comments on the essay, chances are you have found a good example and one which you would do well to study.

What are you looking for?

There are a number of qualities or characteristics which make a basic essay successful. The choice of topic is the first and most logical one. If the writer of the essay has an interest in the topic or, better still, a passion, chances are this will be reflected in their writing. Their enthusiasm for the task will spill over into their prose.

Then there is the structure of the essay you are studying online. Does it have a strong thesis statement which appears in the first paragraph, namely the introduction? This is what you should be looking for and this is what you should be creating when you write your own basic essay. The other sections of the structure will include the main body paragraphs, two or three, and a summary at the end in what is known as the conclusion. You are looking for this structure as you study the online example.

Then you should study what can best be known as the proofreading. Are there spelling mistakes or errors in grammar in any parts of the online example? If it’s a highly rated essay then chances are there will be no mistakes at all. This simple checking to see that you’ve written it well and correctly is a vitally important characteristic of writing even basic essays. You need to go back over your finished work to see if you can improve it by correcting mistakes and perhaps rewriting where your meaning is not clear or not clear enough.


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