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Guidelines on how to write a descriptive paper

A descriptive paper is used to paint a vivid portrait of a person, location or period of history. You might be assigned to write one in any class because the topics can vary a lot. From biology to archeology to multimedia, there are topics for a descriptive essay. Since you’re describing something using the power of words to bring a subject to life, you should pick something you enjoy. When you hate researching and learning your topic, it’ll make things so much more difficult. In the rest of this article, you’ll find out how you can go from initial idea to a finished paper. In each step there are tips you can use today to improve your work and get custom college papers finished fast.

Steps to Writing a Great Descriptive Paper

Here are guidelines you can follow to work through your descriptive paper. You need to connect with the reader in your paper, and make them feel an emotional attachment to the subject. After reading your paper, if they feel like they know the people and places you’re talking about, you’ve done your job right. Professional writing does take time, and even following the proven steps below, you’ll need to stay on task during your work hours.

  • Topic choice: Think about what or who do you want to describe in this paper, and why? You can pick a significant person in your life, a famous person, a place from your childhood, a place you’d love to visit, or an object that has great meaning to you.

  • Research: Once you have your topic, make a list about words related to that person, place or object to describe them. You should also read more about the subject if it’s a famous person or a place you haven’t been to.

  • First draft: Write this as fast as you can to get it finished. You need more time for editing, so just get out your basic ideas, even if they’re out of order. You can cut and paste paragraphs afterward to fix things.

  • Revisions: The last step is always revising or editing. You need to polish up that rough draft and make it something worth reading. Give all your descriptive word choices a double check. Would saunter or meander sound better than just walk? Think about anything else you can add to your paper. Lastly, proofread for errors.

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