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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

The primary goal of writing any essay is to present your views on the assigned topic in a clear and logical manner with doing full justice to your thinking and reasoning on the problem or topic that you choose to discuss in your essay. When you evaluate the worth of your essay, it all boils down to how you have opted to choose your words and expressions to reveal and express your feelings, views and opinions through the essay with utmost clarity and precision with regard to your essay topic. Here again a primary element that needs attention is you basing your essay in relevance to the essay topic chosen by you for the subject. Any unnecessary deviations from the main topic of the essay will result in diluting your efforts in framing your ideas and concepts in alignment to the essay topic which is the basic pillar of support for your whole essay.

Anything discussed in your essay must therefore find its relevance to your essay topic that you have attempted to discuss in your project. In the same line, when you present your arguments along with the diverse views of people on the same issue, your argument must find support through your reasoning and the logic that you apply in formulating and explaining your argument. In other words through your arguments you must learn the art of convincing your readers on your line of thinking based on the essay topic and can also be used to prompt the readers to change, reconsider or review their own individual opinions on the issue by practicing the art of persuasion to gather support for your opinions expressed through your essay.

Another significant point that you must consider is to validate your claims, ideas, opinions, expressions, concepts, views and arguments with sufficient evidence in the form of citations from literature, physical evidence like photographs, audio clips or video clips or by any other means that proves the credibility of your affirmations that you present through your essay. While you present your essay around the chosen topic, what stands prominent are how you apply your judgment and reflection on the information gathered from research and analysis on the essay topic. If you lack the required understanding, clarity of concepts, relevance on topic, effective reasoning or use of proper language tools in your essay then in all possibility your persuasive essay in all effect be a failure in creating the impact that you had set out to achieve through your essay on your readers and therefore fizzle out with as much ease from their memories and considerations without persuading them to accept your presentation.

Some of the persuasive essay topics for high school students are listed below:

  1. Obesity is a bigger epidemic than ignorance
  2. Judaism is a religion that has suffered maximum persecution in any religious history.
  3. Reading provides the much needed exposure towards life and real life situations
  4. Is college education essential to gain success in life?
  5. Happiness is more valuable than material accomplishments.

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