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Academic Tips on How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

When you have written a strong paper, it is important that you write an appropriate and comprehensive conclusion. The conclusion is the last thing your reader sees, so you want to leave them thinking about the paper. There are a few things you can do to ensure the conclusion is good.

  • No New Information
  • Other than a quote or a story, the conclusion should not include any new information. All new details and information belong in the body of the paper not in the conclusion. The conclusion is to be a wrap-up phase of your paper.

  • Restate the Thesis
  • You do want to make sure that you restate the thesis in the conclusion. You should put the statement in different words and structure. It is okay to split up the thesis statement in to two-three sentences if you want. Just make sure you restate the main points that you mentioned in the introductory paragraph.

  • Summarize and Wrap It Up
  • In the concluding paragraph, summarize the paper in a few sentences. After you summarize the paper, then express a universal statement that has been conveyed in this paper. Again, remember to not introduce any new facts or data in the conclusion.

  • Not Too Long
  • One paragraph of eight to ten sentences is usually a nice length for the essay conclusion. Since you are merely recapping, the paragraph does not need to be too long. You can wrap-up the paper and it is finished. Resist the urge to ramble on and on in the essay conclusion.

  • Full Circle
  • If you used a quote or a story in the introduction, you can finish the quote or story in the conclusion making the paper come full circle. This is an effective technique that many writers use in the conclusion.

  • Active Voice
  • Use active voice and write in present tense as you write the entire paper and you write the conclusion. Stay away from being verbs and past tense for a more effective presentation.

An essay should always start very strong and then finish the same way. A powerful conclusion will leave a strong impression on your reader. You want your reader to think about the contents of your paper after they have finished reading it. As you finish your paper and begin to compose your conclusion, use this guide for effective tips and ideas.


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