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A Well-Written Example Essay Can Certainly Come in Handy

Many great writers, thinkers, composers and academics have taken advantage of rote learning. This means they have studied the work of experts in a particular field. It is said that Bach used to transcribe the musical scores of Vivaldi. You can follow this same technique by studying well written examples of essays. There are so many benefits from this course of action.

  • You get to see the structure of an essay building from beginning to end.
  • You get to see the format used including such things as citing references.
  • You can read the comments from the examiner and see the score attributed to the essay.
  • You can see how the essay sticks to the point, answers the question and is free from irrelevant material.
  • You can see a wide range of topics chosen for each particular essay.

Remember that the whole point of reading well written examples of essays is that you can pick up on the good points and include these when it comes to writing your own essays. Studying successful essays is not so much handy but can be downright outstanding if it bumps up the quality of your work.

The structure of an essay is like the blueprints of the building. If you get the structure including such things as the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion in place and in good working order, you give yourself the chance to flesh out the bones of the essay and thus obtain a terrific score. How is the structure set out in the essay example you are reading?

There may be a requirement that the essay is written in the APA format for example. This is your opportunity to see how the essay writer stuck to the requirements of the APA format and thus achieved an excellent result. And what did the examiner say about the writer of this essay? Learn from the comments made by the examiner. If they are indicating the good points of the essay writing,take note of those good points and make sure you apply them when it comes to your own writing.

A fatal error which many students make is that they don't stick to the point. They include irrelevant information or, if there is a question to be answered, they don't answer it. Avoid such mistakes. Look at the well-written examples of the essay and see just how well they stick to the point or answer the question.

And if you are stuck for ideas as far as an essay topic is concerned, looking at the well-written examples is another source, another possible inspiration for you to select your own topic. You might choose the same topic but with a different angle or the topic you see may spark an idea or two for you to write about something related to that. There is so much to learn from good or well-written examples of other people's essays.


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