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Simple Techniques To Craft A Three-Paragraph Essay

Crafting a three-paragraph essay can be difficult because taking a topic and turning it into a three-paragraph essay seems like impossible.  It is difficult but with the right information and outline, it will take no time.  There are some things you need to remember when constructing your outline, one you need to find the right information on your topic to outline.  Next you need to make sure that you outline is short like your essay or you will have a problem writing your essay because you will have too much information.  Here are some tips on how to write your outline and essay.

Tips For Writing An Outline

  • Before you even start you outline, you need to do your research first on your topic.  This research should be extensive but should be narrowed down to a specific subtopic by the time you are done.
  • Once you have narrowed down your subtopic, now it’s time outline in.  You want your outline to have three sections, intro, body, and conclusion.  Each section should be short and to the point since you only have three paragraphs to get you point across.
  • Only write information in the outline that you are going to use in your essay, this eliminates extra that you will have to cut out later because it is too long.

Writing A Three-Paragraph Essay

  • Like all essays, this one has a beginning, middle, and end, which are the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • The introduction of the essay should start your purpose or thesis of the essay.  This is where you open up your line of communication with the reader.  That want to make sure that your idea is clear and that you catch the reader’s attention.
  • The body is where you backup your information on the topic.  This is where you state facts about it to back up your topic.  Remember you want use hard facts and not just ones you made up or are just your opinion to back up your topic.
  • The conclusion summarizes your topic but does not just restate the introduction.  That is sloppy and repetitive.  You also don’t want to say “in conclusion” or anything else like that in your last paragraph.   Don’t use fillers like that to take away words that you could have used to write something epic about your topic.  I know it’s only a three-paragraph essay but don’t be lazy.

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