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How to write an effective argumentative essay and prove your point of view

This type of essay can be harder to write than just an informative essay. Students are often unsure how to prove their point or convince a reader effectively within their writing. The key to a great argumentative essay is in your arguments and ideas related to the topic. If you want to know how to get good ideas and make them work for you, follow the tips in this article.

Argumentative Essay Writing

Essay writing usually follows a certain format of introduction, body, and conclusion. This is true for argumentative essays as well. When you’re writing an essay, you should always double check your teacher’s instructions too, because they might want something slightly different. The guidelines from your teacher should trump any general advice. In essay writing, you should make sure you have your materials ready before you start working. In order to get things done on time, you should have all your parts of research and your notes organized. This is a big part of essay writing that most students don’t realize they need. Without organization, you can easily get frustrated with the work involved.

Tips for Persuasive Writing

Most people think that telling the reader what they want them to think will make up their mind. That’s actually not the case. When you want someone to think the same way that you do, persuading him or her takes a much more subtle art. If you’re inexperienced with argumentative essay writing, you need a good starting place. You’ll find many differences of opinion among writers online, and different techniques for persuasive writing. Here are a few that I always turn to when I need to write this kind of essay. Use these tips to create a realistic mood of persuasion in your essay:

  • Always start your body paragraphs with your strongest argument, then your weakest one, then your middle one. This ensures the reader keeps reading until the end and sees your point of view.
  • Persuade the reader through concrete evidence and facts. Use quotes from experts and prominent sources instead of opinions that might not be based in fact.
  • Use short sentences and always be to the point for clarity. Big words or fancy descriptions might seem to show how smart you are, but readability is more based around simple sentences and appropriate word choices.

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