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Implementation and Utilization Of Advanced IT Systems in Hospitals For Stress Management Among Nurses

When we look at how Information Technology has changed our lives, we need to stand back in awe. IT has changed the way we produce documents, the way that we communicate, and the way that we share information with family and colleagues. But just think about the impact that it has had on the healthcare system.

Prior to IT systems being used in healthcare, everything had to be written by hand, and copies made and filed. Doctors had to look up dosages the medications that they were prescribing and make sure that they were aware of any contraindications. Now it seems that patient information and medication can be ‘pulled up at the touch of a button’. This works really well when a person falls ill outside of their home or neighborhood, as information can be easily accessed through a health care system. This works well as long one system is ‘talking; to another, But over time this seems to be more flexible and seamless.

But just imagine that you are a nurse and you are working at a hospital and need some vital information about a patient under your care. You may for example need some test results very quickly, you can call the lab for the test results, but the technician may be on a break, or they may be busy and not available. This can be stressful. So let’s say that you can go to a computer at the nurses’ station to check on the results that the technician may have posted on the patients computerized notes. The only problem is that all of the computers are in use and it seems that they are going to be that way of a little time. More stress! As if the job was not stressful enough.

If nurses had the use of a high speed network that was both reliable and secure the nurses would be able to provide excellent quality healthcare that met the current needs of their patients. They would infect be able to use a handheld table or iPad to not only gather information but also access information. But a problem there is that nurses don’t always walk around with their hands free, they are carrying something or they are helping patients. Also problematic is putting the tablet or IPad down and forgetting where they have left it. So in an ideal world why not have a computer for staff nest to every patient. That would mean that Nurses have up to date information on dosages, blood works, planned procedures etc., and information could be updated as they treat the patient. Result, reduced stress for nursing staff and a better experience for the patient.


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