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Top 20 Topics To Write An Expository Essay On

The following are some simple topics that you can use when writing an expository essay. They are very easy and relevant to a lot of students:

  1. Discuss some of the necessities that you need to pursue a major in some of the unique courses such as aviation and design
  2. Elaborate on the history of the mascot for your college
  3. Describe a statue or any memorial marker that is available in your institution. Provide a detailed history of its existence
  4. Provide details on how an individual can become a member of a fraternity or a sorority in school
  5. You have just joined campus and you are worried about your diet. Discuss how you can go on to enjoy your meals and still stay healthy
  6. Provide an elaborate plan for freshmen to help them choose their college activities
  7. Institutions change over the years. Discuss how your learning institution has evolved over the years
  8. If you are involved in any sporting activity, discuss how you go about preparing for an important game. If you are not into sporting, do the same for any activity that you are into, such as debates and so forth
  9. There are some games that are considered to be less popular. Explain why people need to attend some of these games
  10. Studying for the finals can take its toll on you. Explain some common mistakes that students make when preparing for their finals
  11. The first weeks of college can be tough on anyone. Discuss how to get through them
  12. What are the qualities you would look for in a good roommate?
  13. If you were to vie and win a campus election, how would you go about this?
  14. Imagine you have a friend who has suicidal tendencies. Describe how you would assist them as a fellow student to live a normal life
  15. Depression is a normal experience in college. Explain why freshmen are the worst affected. Explain why other students in advanced classes can go through the same thing too.
  16. It is possible to avoid dating all the wrong people while you are in college. Discuss how true or false this statement is
  17. How can you make sure that your life in college does not set you apart from your family?
  18. Discuss how you can pay through your college education without necessarily getting dragged into debt
  19. How can you choose a good college to attend?
  20. How can you approach a college entry essay and be sure to be accepted?

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