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Writing Tips: How To Choose Good Essay Topics About My Father

Every child looks up to their father as someone they can count upon to love them unconditionally and to protect them from all the adversities of life. A father is a child’s first superhero. When it comes to writing essays on father, it may not seem too tough a job, since there can be so many things to talk about daddy. But at times it can be difficult to put every feeling in words and express. It would require a really good writer to find the right words to describe the real feelings towards a father.

It is as much a good luck to have a father who realizes his responsibilities towards his children as it is for a father to have a child who acknowledges it all. Therefore if at all one writes an essay on his or her father, it must be something that makes it meaningful for the beautiful relationship between the father and the child. It may not be something way over the top and scholarly, but simple words can make greater impact.

Topics for essays on father

  • The First Hero: It is the father who takes up on himself the responsibility to protect his children and thus he is the undisputable hero that his children perceive him as. There is no denying the fact that a boy wants to grow up to become someone like his father and for a girl her father is the ideal example of how a man should be. A father is thus no less than a superhero to his kids.

  • What I Learnt From My Father: During the growing years it is the parents who influence their children the most. And the father plays a major role in building the child’s personality. A father teaches his children to be brave, to be courteous, to be calm under tough situations and also never to give up. There are plenty of other things that are imparted by one’s father and an essay on what all they learnt from their father is thus worth pondering over.

  • My Father, My Biggest Strength: It is the confidence that the child gets from his or her father that turns him into his biggest strength.

  • The World through My Father’s Eyes: A child sees what his parent’s make him and it is mostly the father through whom the child learns about the world outside.

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