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Effects Of Alchemical Bacteria On The Gold Industry And Technology


In recent years, scientists and researchers have known that certain bacteria are capable of drawing metals out of solutions and distillate them into nuggets or other deposits. The same bacteria have been found on gold nuggets and scientists have figured out how the bacteria can produce gold. This literature review examines what affect the alchemical bacteria: Cupriavidus Metallidurans have on the gold industry and technology. The paper compares the scarcity and production expense of gold and whether gold production by modern alchemy could have any impact on the global market.

How Alchemical Bacteria could Affect the Gold Industry and Technology

Over the centuries, bacteria have given great service to humanity, despite being considered harmful when it comes to health and hygiene. Due to its varied forms of existence, bacteria have been used widely in science and scientific studies. Scientists recently discovered a certain bacterium that is reported to produce 99% pure 24-karat gold. According to Bryan Nelson, this bacterial microbe also known as Cupriavidus Metallidurans, takes in toxins from gold chloride, a toxic liquid substance with no value but occurs naturally in the environment, and leaves behind only solid gold. Since these discoveries were made, there have been debates as to whether modern alchemy could undermine the value of gold and radically change the global market.

Gold is scarce and expensive. It takes process and great work for the metal to be extracted from the source. According to Stephen Simpson, even if scientists are capable to replicate the natural process by which some bacteria from gold nuggets form solutions containing gold, it does not change the fact that there are no vast deposits of gold to exploit nor any viable bioreactor process yet. The cost for making gold chloride solution, that produces solid gold after the alchemical bacterium ingests all toxins, is more than the cost of the gold itself. Besides, if gold really was easy to produce then its value would undoubtedly sink. As a matter of fact, gold is highly likely to remain a scarce and precious metal for the foreseeable future. The alchemical bacteria could therefore have little or no effect on the gold industry and technology.


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