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Living A Healthy Life

Our way of life can have a major effect on how we feel. When we don't take proper care of ourselves, we are bound to experience various health issues like sleeping difficulties, fatique, low vitality, trouble in concentration, anxiety and even Cancer. All these health issues are detrimental to the body system and are capable of making the cause of living unbearable. It is true that medicine offers various remedy for most of these ailments, however, the best way of living a healthy life is inculcating a healthy life style. A healthy life style helps you enjoys more features of life. It is a method for living that reduces the danger of being seriously sick or passing on right on time. Not all illnesses are preventable; however an extensive extent of deaths, especially those from coronary heart disease and lungs cancer, can be avoided by a healthy life style.

Scientific studies have indentified different forms of conducts (lifestyle) that contribute to serious illness and early death. However, the following are the most common amongst them all. They include: The habit of smoking, poor physical activity (exercise) and an Unhealthy eating lifestyle.

A brief insight into these lifestyles shows that, Smoking It is the greatest single, self-inflicted danger to the heath or well being of all. It exposes the smoker to diseases such as respiratory illness, coronary heart diseases and cancer of the lungs. Those who are around a smoker are also at risk of having respiratory illness, ear, throat, nose and chest infections. Infants who are around smokers are liable to die as infants. It is an established fact that tobacco related disease does not only lead to many premature deaths, it also causes disabilities (especially in children of pregnant women who are smokers). It is therefore a healthy life style to avoid the use of nicotine (tobacco).

Physical exercises/activities play an important role in the health and well being of all individuals (regardless of their ages). Many people believe that, physical exercise should be incorporated into the routine of only sports men and women but they are so far from the truth. Everybody needs physical exercise as this enable the body system to work right. The fact is; physical exercise is necessary to stimulate the body’s natural maintenance or repair system. For instance, the bones, joint and the heart will remain younger and active if you keep them busy by exercising them. Diseases such as coronary heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, stiff joints, osteoporosis, poor posture and overweight are all as a result of a poor exercise routine. It is therefore a healthy life style to exercise frequently. Jogging, cycling, and swimming are all prescribed form of exercise for healthy living.

It is important to appreciate the food you eat. What's more eating in a healthier way may even be less expensive! Some conventional eating habits of what makes up a solid eating routine may be okay, for example, eating lots of home-preserved vegetables and fruits, yet other traditional eating habits are dangerous to our health for example, eating huge amounts of meat every day. Recent studies have demonstrated that eating an excessive amount of meat with animal fat is unsafe to our wellbeing. Just little amount of lean meat are required – and not consistently. Actually, the less meat and animal fat we eat the better. An unhealthy eating habit can cause overweight and the risks of overweight include: Coronary heart diseases, High blood Pressure, constipation and low energy, non-insulin dependent diabetes. The dangers even increases when you take in too much alcohol, animal fat, meat with little or no exercise. For a healthy life style, it

In conclusion, it’s obvious that, the way we choose to live our life affects not just we as individuals but also, those around (our family). Preventive medicine is always better than corrective medicine and living a healthy life by keeping a healthy lifestyle is the most effective method of preventing illness and even death. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and time to time medical check up are very important lifestyles that we must inculcate if healthy life is what we desire.


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