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How Can I Write a Good Persuasive Essay: List of Suggestions

A persuasive essay aims to convince others that the particular idea is great, the concept is relevant, or your explanation fits the situation. Students provide argumentation to support their own positions. Most supervisors agree that a good persuasive essay should be written based on the author’s point of view. This is not easy to do, and you will find the list of suggestions below quite helpful:

  • Do not rush your writing.
  • Why the rush? No one can write well in a hurry and provide strong argumentation. Of course, it’s very possible to write a 5-paragraph essay in two hours. Will you be satisfied with the result, though? Spend some time to choose the topic, brainstorm the arguments, write down the text, and proofread it. Therefore, the supervisor will see that you have worked hard.

  • Develop your position first.
  • A persuasive essay is different from other papers in the sense that you have to write about a topic that you are familiar with and can develop a personal position. The author should pick one side of the argument, so it is great to choose a topic you are passionate about. The subject has to be complex; otherwise, you will not be able to awake someone's interest in it. While you are considering your thesis statement, it makes sense to learn the possible counterarguments. Make sure your can provide enough evidence to make the readers believe that your argumentation is solid.

  • Compose a strong introduction.
  • This part of the essay is very important because its purpose is to grab the reader’s attention. Therefore, the first sentence should contain a hook that starts the story and makes it interesting to others; e.g. a surprising fact, a famous quotation, or a funny statement. End the introductory paragraph with a clear thesis statement.

  • Create several body paragraphs.
  • It is recommended to write three body paragraphs. Each one should contain a single idea that supports your thesis statement. This is where you evaluate your opinion and put down enough evidence to convince the reader. The facts can be used to prove the different aspects of your perspective. Do not forget that the last sentence of the paragraph should ensure a smooth transition to the next part of the essay.

  • Summarize the main points.
  • The conclusion is the last part of any persuasive essay. This text often includes a restatement of the thesis you have provided.

    When the text is all typed out, take a break before you check the grammar and spelling. After resting, it is easier to spot errors and improve the essay.


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