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20 Outstanding Topic Ideas For Your Next Visual Essay

Do you need to create a virtual essay? Perhaps you don’t even know what one is, let alone know what subject you should choose. Maybe you’re feeling like the world expects too much of you and you can’t deal with the amount of pressure! Well, chill and know that there’s always help available! Not only that, but a visual essay can be a lot of fun as well! After all, you may be somewhat bored or tired from writing all those other lengthy assignments, so here’s your chance to present an essay in a different format; which therefore requires alternative thinking. So…

What is it?

This type of project, as you might have guessed, is heavily reliant on images. Most visual essays are created as slideshows or videos, though sometimes other formats are required or acceptable. It will often include words as well as pictures. Be sure to check the requirements for the particular project you’ve been set.

What are they about?

These sorts of assignments can focus on a whole range of subjects. They can tell a personal story, make an argument or pinpoint a social problem, for instance.

Illustrate your work with images from personal or known sources and create soundtracks of music and spoken word- there’s a lot you can be creative with here! Choose a theme that is close to your heart and you can’t go wrong.

Have a good think about the sort of title you might choose yourself. Here are my twenty helpful suggestions to help you on your way.

  • Everyday life in Palestine.
  • A photographic essay on the Taj Mahal.
  • Constructing Mount Rushmore.
  • Celebrating Gay Pride in London.
  • The horses on my grandfather’s ranch.
  • A brief history of Kung Fu masters.
  • The main themes of William Blake.
  • Summer camp: the year I stopped bullying others.
  • The global economy needs restructuring.
  • Tea Parties should be abolished.
  • Why do we ignore the destruction of the rainforest?
  • My brother’s band: ‘Dead Meat’- a documentary.
  • John Milton’s Paradise Lost – its main themes explored in paintings and drawings.
  • Don’t forget how revolutionary Cubism was to the art world at the time!
  • My two weeks as a military cadet.
  • My bedroom diary.
  • An animation in favour of equality for the poor.
  • The war on drugs in music, pictures and voices.
  • The threat of ISIS.
  • The world’s not real: a quantum physics perspective on the nature of reality and who we are.

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